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Outstanding Home Improvement Services

Outstanding Home Improvement Services

Thanks for coming to the site of Category 6um. We would like to extend our years of experience to all of your remodelling and building dreams. No matter how large or small, every job receives the same treatment and care from start to completion. The best craftsmen and high quality materials make all the difference in the outcome of every project, don’t trust your most valuable home to just anyone.

Please take a moment to browse through our site to learn more about us. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Some of the services we provide:


Remodelling dreams can be realized. Home remodelling is the ideal way to modernize your existing home to fit your personality, whether your kitchen just needs a facelift or entirely demolished and renovated to function in your cooking style. Bathrooms take a lot of abuse every day, they are usually thought of as functional not beautiful, that can be addressed and changed, why not have that resort bath in your own home. Whether you work within the existing space or enlarge into un-utilized spaces of your home, we can help. The homes basement can sometimes be thought of as just for storage, it can be an entire new level of living space. Think of it as a new home theatre or the entertainment zone on your home.


An addition is the best way to personalize your home as well as adding value and much needed space whether it’ s for functionality or just for fun.

Adding on to your home can be just a spacious sunroom, or a whole new level of living space to spread out in and enjoy in our harried lives we all lead today, why not enjoy all of the moments that the day has to offer in the comfort of your own customized space tailored to your needs and desires. Our quality craftsmanship can aid your dreams into reality, and guide you to your seamless transition. We offer design consultation service in your home so as to get the feel of your desired space as well your family’s personality and who will be using the new space, our projects are tailored to individual needs and no effort is too great to accomplish an end result that everyone can enjoy for years to come.

When you’re ready to turn your ideas and scratch drawings on scrap paper into real life, let it happen as you pictured it and walk into the image. Once a project has begun, we pay close attention to all the phases, we gladly will listen to any input or ideas that may occur as construction is proceeding, we will do our best to implement any and all ideas that you may have. Creative input may be interjected from our artesian craftsmen as we are working on your home as well, sometimes the best touches come along as the project is budding into a home. Flexibility and open communication are high priority.


Our many years of experience and craftsmanship will show through on your deck project, whether it is replacing an outdated original deck or starting from scratch and building the deck of your dreams.

Workmanship is very important when adding a structure onto your home, high standards and going beyond just what is required is expected in the building of your deck. The best materials should be used to guarantee the quality outcome that we all want for our homes, whether it’s cedar, composite, or exotic woods they are all familiar in our skilled hands. All projects are treated with precision and care, the final product has our stamp of approval.

Siding – Windows – Roofing

We have been improving the exteriors of homes in the area since 1989, that’s 20 years of hands on experience that can only lead to quality and satisfaction. Each home is treated with care as if it was our own families, in essence, our customers are our extended family. Working with only the best quality materials, ensures a finished product that the homeowner as well as the workman can be proud of for years to come, if a project is done correctly, it will stand the test of time.

The beginning of a project is an important aspect to the end product. We will help you plan the job and expose you to a wide variety of products that can be applied to your homes exterior to give you a custom look. Today’s materials are far more expansive than the materials of years past. Energy efficiency is the future of the industry, there are many “green” options available now and only more to come.

8-Easy Home Improvements To Spruce Up Your Home For Sale

8-Easy Home Improvements To Spruce Up Your Home For Sale

When it comes to home selling, it’s lot easier to get optimum value by doing some improvements. Buyers notice that all the time and if your home is crafted with astounding fixtures and products, then they’re ready to give you high value. So, here are some few last-minute, easy ways to create a big difference.

Smartening your home with easy and last-minute home improvements:

  1. Make cleaning and replacing blinds: Is your home installed with dirty blinds? If that so, remove them as soon as possible. They create an eyesore around the dirty blinds which can effectively be removed with the help of a damp cloth. However, the replacements of broken blinds are easy which can create an immense visual difference. So, run towards your local hardware store and grab the necessary replacement things to replace your old blinds with new ones.
  2. Stay-out of installing squeaky drawers as well as doors: Potential buyers will straightforwardly back away if he/she heard the sound of the squeaky drawer and door. However, you can go with the silicone spray which helps you to spray down the hinges part of the doors and tracks of the drawers. It will reduce the squeaky sound.
  3. Expansion of the home space is highly crucial: Start moving your home-installed furniture to the room’s edges. It’ll help you create that larger space for which you have long wished for. Make extra furniture hidden like side tables and ottomans that crowd the areas unnecessarily. You can also relocate the furniture to the outsides of the rugs and walls. Start opening the windows and blinds so that natural light can easily come to the room to create a visual space.
  4. Ensure the entire lighting fixture is in working condition: Check for the dead light bulbs! If anything you find dead, then immediately replace them. Buyers often check every switch and lighting fixtures, so ruin your image in front of them as a dead light bulb will give privilege to think about the worst electrical problem to your home buyer.
  5. Keep your home atmospheres freshen: Spray the quick odor-eliminating spray across your home to keep odors out of your home environment. In that case, you can also use scented candles as well as scented spray which focused on setting off allergies.
  6. Imagine your home is a five-star hotel: Just like the five-star hotel atmosphere, you can dress up your home in the same manner. Arrange all the home design products in a perfect manner, make the thrash empty, etc. to create an ideal living space just like the five-star hotel rooms.
  7. Round-up the entire seasonal decorations: Buyers always want a home installed with modern décor items. Therefore, if you have some old stuff, then round-up them and replace with contemporary home décor items to increase your home value.
  8. Checking of the entrance door is essential: Entrance door is the first thing that any home buyer will have a look. Thus, ensure that your entrance gate and its surroundings are nearly clean, and the door-bell works fine.

Home Improvement: The Predecessor of Fruitful Property sales

Home Improvement: The Predecessor of Fruitful Property sales

The real estate market is fluctuating consistently, and there is no guarantee that the market will be steady in the future. The scope for real estate will continue unabashed in the future since people will not stop looking for places to live. However, people prefer not to buy or sell properties in rocking waters of real estate.

Buying can be good in times of market slump in real estate. However, selling will result in losses during the lowest phase of the market. Thus, home improvement is necessary to sell a property at particularly higher rates than the actual price of the property. So let us see what kind of steps can be taken to ensure that a property sale turns out to be a prolific deal.

Home improvement indicates

Home improvement signifies addition or renovation of certain areas in a home. For example, you can add a few more rooms to your home. These improvements tend to appeal a wider range of clients, and thus, the property can fetch higher prices in the real estate market. Though you may need to invest some bucks in renovating a house, the prices which it will fetch won’t disappoint you.

Some tips for home improvement have been listed below for the convenience of readers.

  • The kitchen is one of the areas in the home which is being considered for a lot of renovation by urban folks. We need to understand this need of the urban population and look for solutions to add to an existing kitchen.
  • Some appliances, countertops, chimneys and paint would do just fine to turn your kitchen into an eye candy for prospective buyers.
  • The average urban family requires a certain number of bathrooms in homes.
  • Convenience is the major demand of buyers in the case of bathrooms.
  • However, design and facilities are also prominent concerns of buyers.
  • Thus, if you need to add one or two bathrooms then look after installation of modern fittings and proper design of the bathroom which can complement the space restrictions as well as aesthetic needs.
  • Try giving a new touch to the rooms. You can try different variations in painting styles throughout the home.
  • The paint used for renovation must comply with the taste of the modern society.
  • Versatility is another factor which you can add to the rooms for better chances of a profitable sale.
  • Try turning attics into game rooms or recreation places for children. Basements can be turned into a place for the elders of the family to share a drink with colleagues or family members.
  • Try to make the home open to sunlight and air.
  • Energy efficient and sturdy windows offer savings on investment and also fetch better sale prices for your house.
  • Frequent exposure to sunlight clips off the stale scent in the house and air circulation in all parts of the house keeps the internal environment of the home fresh.

Other probable additions or modifications which you can implement in your home are outdoor spaces and energy efficient appliances. Just take care that you don’t spend way too much money on renovations alone!